I am a leading supplier of components and accessories to the active reloader at value for money costs. I have a good range of bullets, powders, cases and associated accessories as well as the full range of Lee reloading equipment. I am also the UK distributor of the range of Vectan powders from Nobelsport.

22355g FMJ10015.95
22369g lapua Scenar10022.95
22455g Sierra SPT10012.95
30 CalLead 115g (309 dia)100047.00
30 Carbine110g FMJ1009.95
303174 FMJ10017.95
308145g FMJ10015.95
38/357158g FMJ Flat Point1009.95
38/357158g Lead RNFP .358100049.50
38/357158g Lead SWC .358100049.50
38/357158g Lead TC .358100049.50
38/357180g Lead TC .357100051.00
44200g Lead RNFP .429100054.00
44200g TMJ1007.95
44240g Lead RNFP .429100059.00
44240g Lead SWC .429100059.00
44245g TMJ RNFP1009.95
44/40200g Lead RNFP .427100054.00
45 ACP200g Lead SWC .452100058.00
45 ACP230g Lead RN .452100058.00
45 ACP230g Round nose Fmj1008.95
45 LC250g Lead RNFP .454100058.00
45/70405g Lead RNFP .45710013.95
50 BMG660g FMJeach1.50
50 BMGHornady A Max 750g2055.00
6.5mm108g Lapua HPBT1000POA
6.5mm123g Lapua HPBT10028.95
6.5mm139g Lapua HPBT10028.95
6.5x55139g FMJ Lead-Cored1009.95
6mm105g Lapua HPBT10031.95
6mm90g Lapua HPBT10031.95
7.5x55 Swiss174g FMJ Boat Tail10018.95
7.62x51155g Lapua HPBT10029.95
7.62x51168g Lapua HPBT10029.95
7.62x51170g Lapua FMJ BT1000POA
7.62x51185g Lapua FMJ BT10029.95
7.62x51185g Lapua HPBT10029.95
7.62x51200g Lapua FMJ BT1000POA
7.92190g FMJ Lead-Cored10019.95
7mm174g FMJ Boat Tail10012.95
9mm124g TMJ RN1008.95
9mm125g Lead RN .356100042.95

Cartridge Cases
22 HornetPPU New10021.00
222 RemPPU New10024.00
223 RemOnce-fired1006.00
223 RemPPU New10023.50
25 ACPCBC New10011.95
32acpMagtech NEW10015.00
38 SpecialOnce-fired1007.00
38specialPPU New10012.00
45 ACPCBC New10020.00
6.5x52 CarcanoPPU New10027.50

Reloading Equipment
Frankford Arsenal kinetic bullet puller19.95
Graf Kinetic Hammer c/w 4 collets19.95
Hornady One Shot Spray Lube6.95
Lee 50 BMG die set89.95
Lee 50 BMG press kit151.95
Lee Auto disk measure29.95
Lee auto-prime15.95
Lee auto-primer shell holder pack9.95
Lee carbide die sets (3 dies)33.95
Lee case lube1.95
Lee cast iron press98.95
Lee chamber tool1.99
Lee cutter & stud4.95
Lee funnel2.50
Lee Hand press kit39.95
Lee Modern Reloading Manual, Hardback 2nd edition13.95
Lee primer pocket cleaner0.99
Lee rifle collet dies (2 dies)29.50
Lee rifle dies (3 dies)29.95
Lee scales9.95
Lee Turret press71.50
Lyman tumbler59.95
Midway plastic ammunition boxes 338 calibre1.50
Tumbling media, Corncob 1kg4.95

Introducing Vectan SP13 - the 50BMG powder from Nobelsport
Nobelsport's thoroughly modern Vectan range of reloading powders covers every shooting application from 25ACP to 50BMG. As the UK's leading distributor we are pleased to announce the availability of Vectan SP13, a new addition designed specifically for the 50BMG handloader and offering unbeatable price and performance in a dedicated .50 calibre powder. For more details on the Vectan range, it's usage and pricing please visit the Vectan section.

Ex-military metal ammunition boxes
Rubber-sealed, completely waterproof. Please call for more details.

  • Small (holds approx 200 rounds 7.62x51)

  • Large (holds approx 400 rounds 7.62x51)

50BMG heads and cases
We are a leading specialist supplier for the 50BMG shooter and have the following items. Please call for more details.

  • 50BMG once-fired cases

  • 50BMG new cases

  • 50BMG heads, 660 grn, full metal jacket

308 Sabots - turn your 308 into a 4000fps 223
Exclusively sourced and imported by us these sabots give owners of 308 Win / 7.62 NATO rifles the ability to transform their firearm into a high-velocity 223 Rem / 5.56 NATO capable of propelling a 55GRN head to 4000 fps simply by changing loads mid-session. The sabot works by permitting the power of the 308 cartridge to propel the light 223 head which is held by the sabot in the barrel during expansion, immediately on exiting the muzzle the sabot "flowers" leaving the bullet travelling alone at the higher velocity. In addition the sabots greatly decrease bore-wear and residue build-up in your rifle and are suitable for all 308 calibre firearms without muzzle brakes. Please call for more details.

Modern Reloading Second Edition by Richard Lee, hardback
The second edition of "Modern Reloading" is a summary of a lifetime of experience. No matter how knowledgeable you are, you will find new and interesting information in this book. A reference book you'll keep forever.
  • OVER 26,000 LOADS in a new format, with velocities for starting loads. This is the best kind of load data - supplied by the powder companies


  • NEW, EASY WAY to precisely measure both strength and hardness of cast bullets

  • EXCLUSIVE PRESSURE AND VELOCITY factors enable you to accurately calculate pressure and velocity for reduced loads. An absolute necessity for cast bullet shooting

  • A NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED, in depth analysis of current load data. It gives you an insight into the effects of reducing or increasing a charge

  • EASY TO USE cast bullet strength chart shows maximum chamber pressures for cast bullets

  • HUNDREDS OF CAST BULLET LOADS, many useful charts and important rules about priming

Frankford Arsenal kinetic bullet puller
A good quality US-built kinetic bullet puller from Frankford Arsenal.

Lapua Reloading Components

Lapua manufacture the world's best precision bullets with outstanding ballistic qualities based on uncompromising quality. Only the best raw materials are used and each bullet is subject to visual inspection and measurement. Lapua cases are the perfect compliment and are smelted from the finest metallurgical quality material to exacting standards. All Lapua cases are tested to 30% above recommended pressure and each case is designed to be reloaded a minimum of 10 times. Ring for best prices. Click here to download the Lapua brochure in Adobe PDF format (4MB).

12G Plaswads
Excellent quality 12G shotgun reloading plaswads available in batches of 6000. Please call for more details.