Prvi Partizan I have a changing stock of calibres and grades as availability permits. Please phone with your requirements. I am also one of the leading UK suppliers of Prvi Partizan (also known as PPU), a full range of high quality boxer-primed ammunition assembled from all-new components at very competitive prices.

Centrefire Ammunition
22 Hornet45g Soft Point PPU Boxer-Primed10030.00
22-25050g Soft Point PPU Boxer-Primed10049.00
22-25055g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10049.00
22-25055g Soft Point PPU Boxer-Primed10049.00
22250g Soft Point PPU Boxer-Primed10045.00
22255g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10045.00
22355g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10045.00
22355g Soft Point PPU Boxer-Primed10039.95
243100g Soft Point PPU Boxer-Primed10049.95
30 Carbine110g FMJ RN PPU Boxer-Primed10030.95
30-06150g FMJ PPU Boxer-Primed10042.95
30-06150g PPU Soft Point Boxer-Primed10042.95
30-06 Grom170g PPU Boxer-Primed10059.95
30-06 Match168g PPU Boat Tail HP Boxer-Primed10044.95
30-30150g Flat Head Soft Point PPU Boxer-Primed10039.95
303174g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10046.95
308145g Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10036.95
308150g Soft Point PPU Boxer-Primed10036.95
308165g Power Soft Point PPU Boxer Primed10039.95
308175g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10044.95
308180g Soft Point PPU Boxer-Primed10042.95
308 Match168g Boat Tail HP PPU Boxer-Primed10059.95
357 Mag158g FMJ Flat Point PPU Boxer-Primed10029.95
38 Special158g Round Nose Flat Point PPU Boxer-Primed10028.95
44 Mag240g FMJ Flat Point PPU Boxer-Primed10041.95
44 Special240g Magtech Flat point10026.95
45 ACP230g FMJ Round Nose PPU Boxer-Primed10027.95
45 LCMagtech 250g Cowboy load10046.95
6.5x52 Carcano139g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10043.95
6.5x55139g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10043.95
6.5x55139g Soft Point Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10043.95
7.5x54 French139 FMJ PPU Boxer-Primed10043.95
7.5x55 Swiss174g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10043.95
7.62x51Military surplus10035.00
7.62x54R182g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10043.95
7.92192g Match FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10042.95
7.92FNN new Boxer primed10036.95
7x57173g FMJ Boat Tail PPU Boxer-Primed10043.95

Blank Ammunition
5.56/223Brass case, star crimp10016.95
7.62x54RBrass case, star crimp10044.95

Magtech .32 calibre ammunition
Magtech .32 S&W
  • .32 S&W Long, lead round-nose

  • .32 S&W Long, lead wadcutter

  • .32 Auto, full metal jacket

Ruag Premium Grade Ammunition

We are delighted to announce the availability of Ruag Munition premium-grade ammunition in the UK. This Swiss-manufactured target ammunition is amongst the finest quality available in the world and offers the ultimate in accuracy and consistency to the discerning shooter. Download the Ruag datasheet for each individual calibre for more information, each sheet is in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

Ruag Ammunition Ruag Munition
Swiss P Target .223 Remington
Download PDF datasheet
Swiss P Target .308 Winchester
Download PDF datasheet
Swiss P Subsonic .308 Winchester
Download PDF datasheet
Swiss P Target .338 Lapua Magnum
Download PDF datasheet
Swiss P Ball .338 Lapua Magnum
Download PDF datasheet

Pre-war 375 H&H Magnum sealed ammunition
Pre-war 375 H&H Magnum This vintage 375 Holland and Holland belted magnum ammunition is from a pre-war big-game hunter's arsenal. Hand-made by Kynoch of Birmingham in the 1920's and 30's most of the cartridges are still sealed in their protective metal casings and are marked by the original loader with their calibre and head, the bullets ranging from 235g to 300g soft and solids. Please call for further details.